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"After the first blush of sin comes its indifference."

-Henry David Thoreau

1/25/09 04:04 pm - i've been hunting and interviewing lately..

..for jobs that i know are going to make me bored and miserable. those are the jobs that i can get. i bet it sounds like i'm selling myself short, but in reality i'm not. i'm merely stating the truth. i haven't exactly the most perfect resume. i've done several different jobs in my life.  unfortunately most of them were lacking stability and the ability for even eventual growth.  so i could never stick with them. i'm far to hungry to learn to just settle for mediocre training and i'm set for ....life? no thank you.

i'm not formally educated either.  sure, i can build a website in several different formats. hell, i'll even design all the art, graphics and logos. but i didn't learn from a professor. i would happily input your entire client history into your new computer, quickly and efficiently. i could help improve sales, and search for new ways to lower cost. but i haven't stepped foot in a class room or lecture hall since just after high school.

and it's cold outside, so i'm bundled up dropping resumes for positions like waitress or server.....


1/18/09 09:17 pm - life...no matter how much the weather changes..still remains the same.

it's been really cold out lately. but it hasn't kept me indoors. it finally warmed up a few degrees..just enough to dump a load of snow. as usual i'm inspired by the weather to take photos.   and my camera isn't charged. =0(.

i'm remodeling things around here. i'm bored with it..and need something to inspire me to keep my website current. it's supposed to be my public display of creativity...and it's been nothing short of a pile of crap for the last year. alas, it's time for me to get my arse in gear.

i spent friday night with jess, steve and their friend scott at lee's.  slowcoaster is my new favourite. 

1/3/09 06:24 pm - aren't you just a barrel full of laughs..

the holidays were nice..although the warm, caring atmosphere that the aunt and uncle tried to bring  back last year was seriously lacking. i still maintain they were merely trying to suck up and make it seem like they are much nicer people than they are.  other than that. i had a pleasant time with my in-laws. i'm fortunate to have them. they are wonderful people.

since i'm a follower i have to be just like everyone else during the first week of january and write about new years resolutions and all that garbage.  this year, i've decided not to make a resolution..well not really. some might say it's one. but i wouldn't consider it one. i just want to say the reason i have decided against making a resolution this year is because i've learned something very valuable about myself this year.  setting goals isn't really my thing. it seems like when i set a goal, i head in the complete opposite direction. especially a limited goal like losing 20 pounds by june or saving  $1,000 by next christmas.  to me it''s more like limiting myself, and there's nothing i want more than something i can't have. so this year instead of making another resolution that will stress me out until i accomplish it. i've just decided simply to do better this year. better than last year, better than in 2002, financially, emotionally, physically..just plain better.

without further adieu...a rant.

thursday night i visited a friend in the dundas and keele area, and didn't leave until after the subway was finished for the night. so when i got off the bus at the station i kindly asked the driver if the street car was still runing...he immediately chomped my head off and said "I don't know" . So i asked, do the street cars usually run after the subway has stopped for the night? again, he said "i don't know". obviously frustrated i said ok and exited the bus, as i was leaving i mumbled it..it would make sense for the drivers to know whether or not a service is offered at their station or not. apparently he took offense to that and yelled at me " WE DON'T KNOW.......WE DON'T KNOW" .  Do these guys really get paid double digits to simply drive up and down the route????!!! are they really not required to have SOME knowledge about the station they work out of?  what a waste of money and employees. things would be so much more efficient if these people would just take the initiative to learn how to say something helpful...i understand that people are rude to them all day long, but does that really validate being a complete asshole to every person that has a simple question. this among other happenings makes me question my monthly metro pass. if only car insurance wasn't a fraud in toronto.

i hope everyone had a wonderful  holiday and a prosperous new year!



12/17/08 12:56 am - it's snowing, and i'm going to be the crazy lady out at 2am taking pictures...

our staff christmas party was a lot of fun. i never thought i would actually go to one of those. i just couldn't see partying with my co-workers. i used to have a rule about that. this year i broke it. how can you not go to a nightclub staff party. the regular customers are far more worth gossiping about than me..

anyway, open bar. a very yummy chocolate fountain with fruits and other sweets. and according to my boss a really amazing dinner. i wasn't really in the mood for food when i got there..(i had a late lunch) but my friend (& co-worker) amy and i did our fair share of drinking. it was nice to be able to COMPLETELY relax, and do what i wanted...the music wasn't half bad either.

speaking of snow..i'm going to find a street meat shack..and take some pictures.


11/17/08 09:15 pm - things...

i have been avoiding the internet lately. sometimes i get completely burnt out and just need a break.  fortunately for you, it was a short hiatus.

today i had an appointment for a new immigration medical, it went well. seems like it took the whole day, i guess that's what i get for sleeping until noon. i didn't make it home until 6, and tomorrow is another long day. i have work until around 3 and then a little shopping with mom.

i'm heading to the horseshoe this weekend to catch slowcoaster....i'm really looking forward to a night out....and some new music that i really dig.

11/5/08 05:15 pm - not a voter..

parts of this entry might make a few of you angry, but that's certainly not my intention. i'm merely expressing my opinion regarding the aforementioned content.  i apologize in advance for any spit that may land on your computer screen while you are cursing me to hell.

being away from the US for this election wasn't really much different then being there. i'm not a voter. politics are one of the many things that make my stomach churn.  i have never hidden from the fact that i was born without american pride. i'm just not willing. however, i have family there who are proud, and i hope that the new president will make some positive changes for the american people. they're shouldn't be so many poor, starving, hard working people who can't even afford to visit a doctor. it hasn't been "for the rich people" for far to long. wake up guys, stop killing your own people.
i've been really busy lately. working my arse off. it's starting to get cold..so i won't be doing this much longer. the last few days have been really nice though. but watching the weather report, it's about to drop back down. i should really take getting a winter wardrobe more seriously...last years clothes are way to big.



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